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  • 20 January, 2010

    How to Get Free Traffic To Your Blog With Traffic Swarm

    The effort we put into creating a blog and creating content suggests that we will naturally get high traffic and make affiliate sales and advertising revenue. This is however, not always the case. Your blog may need a little help in reaching a larger audience. One of the most successful tools I have used so far is Traffic Swarm.

    The format is easy to use as soon as you are signed up and your site approved, you can start receiving traffic right away to your blog. This kind of traffic will help you expand your readership, build your list and create an audience for products you wish to sell.

    Traffic networks such as Traffic Swarm are perfect for newer websites that need a traffic boost to get them going. I recently created a number of new blogs and I will be employing this method to get some initial traffic to these sites.

    If you have a new website with little or no traffic or if your current website is lacking in traffic, you can sign up here to get started.

    How To Make Money Online With Link Worth

    LinkWorth can be an extremely profitable resource for a blogger. Depending on your blog's traffic stats, you can make substantial amounts of money just by selling text and banner links. The advertiser chooses you, so you don't need to rely on automatic contextual matching of ads on your blog. One of my blogs currently makes $50USD per text link and $70 per banner ad. At present I am running three text ads and one banner ad. After commissions, I make a total of $136USD per month from just my LinkWorth ads.

    Sign up here: LinkWorth

    17 January, 2010

    Dot Com Mini Mogul Launch

    Hi and welcome to Dot Com Mini Mogul. I chose the name mini mogul because John Chow, Darren Rowse, Jason Katzenback and friends are dot com moguls. I, on the other hand am a mini mogul. I make money online, that's for sure. I just make a little less than these guys. Join me on my dot com mogul journey and use my strategies and learn from my successes and mistakes. If I find a good way to make money online, I won't be keeping it to myself like some internet marketers. I will post everything that works and anything that you should avoid in the 'make money online' world. If it makes money, you will learn about it here on Dot Com Mini Mogul.

    Here's to your dot com success!!

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