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  • 17 January, 2010

    Dot Com Mini Mogul Launch

    Hi and welcome to Dot Com Mini Mogul. I chose the name mini mogul because John Chow, Darren Rowse, Jason Katzenback and friends are dot com moguls. I, on the other hand am a mini mogul. I make money online, that's for sure. I just make a little less than these guys. Join me on my dot com mogul journey and use my strategies and learn from my successes and mistakes. If I find a good way to make money online, I won't be keeping it to myself like some internet marketers. I will post everything that works and anything that you should avoid in the 'make money online' world. If it makes money, you will learn about it here on Dot Com Mini Mogul.

    Here's to your dot com success!!

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