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  • 15 February, 2010

    How To Buy A Custom Domain Through Blogger

    Buying a custom domain through Blogger is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to purchase a domain name while taking care of the hosting as part of the deal. Sometimes it can be cumbersome to type "blogname.blogspot.com" when you really want "blogname.com".

    Log into blogger, go to the blog's tabbed menu.

    Choose "settings" - "publishing"

    Switch to "custom domain"

    Enter your desired domain name to check domain availability.

    If the domain is available, click on Google checkout.

    The price for 1 year's registration is $10 and the domains are purchased through eNom or GoDaddy.com and includes spam protection, DNS control and domain management and a free Google Apps account.

    The advantage is that blogspot will automatically redirect all traffic from your blogspot address to your custom domain. It will also redirect your custom domain without the "www".

    The process of redirecting should take between 1-3 days. In the meantime, you should be able to access both your blogspot and custom domain.

    Important Note: If you have a high PR blogspot blog, consider your options before buying and redirecting to a domain. The official story is that your PR will move with you but some bloggers have complained about suddenly going from a PR 4 to PR 0. One would expect that this will be sorted out soon but be careful in this regard.

    03 February, 2010

    How To Make Money Online With Blogsvertise

    There are a number of sites that profess to make you good money in exchange for your quality blog reviews. The only way to test the validity of these claims is to sign up to a number of blog review sites and see which ones work for you.

    As soon as I joined up with Blogsvertise I started making money right away. It's a pleasant surprise when you can find a great site that sends you offers worth considering. Too often I see blog review ads with as little as $3 for a review. When I write a review on one of my blogs, I generally write 200-300 words, with at least 2 pictures and 1-3 links, depending on the preference of the reviewee. As you can see, it would not be worth my time or effort to write a review for this kind of payout.

    Depending on your status as a blogger - beginner, intermediate, advanced, and depending on your Alexa stats and page rank, you might want to set yourself a minimum amount that you would accept for a paid review. Right now my minimum for my highest ranked blog is $30USD per post but offers frequently come in quite a bit higher than this. The minimum amount should be revised at a later date when your blog takes a step up in page rank or traffic. A new blog such as the one you are reading right now may opt for a $10-$15 payout for a detailed review.

    Sites such as Blogsvertise tend to offer good money for interesting product and site reviews - some of these are the kind of thing I would like to blog about regardless of the payment.

    So far I have made $81 since joining in late 2009, and I am confident that there are many offers to suit many blogging styles. This is a good way to supplement your overall blog income and if your content is of a good standard, you will build a reputation for writing quality reviews.

    If you are looking for reviews for your blog or site, you can sign up as an advertiser and get people blogging about you right away. This will help your search engine rankings, incoming links and most importantly, your sales.

    To sign up as a Blogger on Blogsvertise
    To sign up as an Advertiser on Blogsvertise