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  • 03 March, 2010

    Finally - Adsense Profit Breakthrough!!

    I'm still in shock. Amazing isn't it?

    I could hardly believe it myself.

    Did you believe it for a second? Even the fake headline? No, because you probably didn't know it was fake until I told you just now.

    Guess what? That's what the internet scam artists are using to get you to hand over your hard-earned cash for expensive make money online "systems".

    It's really quite simple, this is how I did it.

    Go to: GoogleAdsenseGenerator

    Enter your desired amount and BINGO! Instant internet millionaire.

    Why am I telling you this? Not so you can go out and fake your earnings to others - if you do this you will go to fake internet millionaire hell where you will burn in the flames of a thousand fake Google cheques.

    Seriously though, I'm telling you this so you can spot a phony when you next encounter one. These guys are everywhere and they are more than happy to take your money on the basis of one dodgy screenshot. The trouble is, it is so easy to do and so many people don't do enough research about who they are dealing with and exactly what they are buying.

    Don't believe the hype.


    Warren Contreras said...

    As soon as they catch on to what we are doing, someone will come up with a new gimmick. Let's just be honest. Glad you got your comments fixed.

    Darren Held said...

    @Warren - Thanks for the heads up! I hope more people draw attention to these faked earnings screenshots - too many people still believe them.

    akuchey said...

    And that’s how most of the affiliate marketer sell their e-book by showing such fake revenue.Some say fake it until you make it.

    Darren Held said...

    @akuchey - unfortunately this is how many people sell their get-rich-quick product. Fake it till you make it is one way, nothing beats actually making it!

    Anonymous said...

    I wish I could make all that money.I am currently with adsense,I am making virtually nothing doing it.I have it on my blogs and feeds

    Darren Held said...

    @anonymous - it does make you wonder how much people are actually making under all that hype. I will be posting on Adsense alternatives in the near future.