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  • 02 March, 2010

    Mogul Review - Jeremy Schoemaker

    I learned a valuable lesson today.

    I was watching the ShoeMoney Tools videos and expected Jeremy Schoemaker to give over some useful information. He very lightly touched on some areas that may be of some use but never revealed much at all.

    I saw the price for this system - $197 per month ongoing. Every month. Who has that kind of money to throw after some kind of "program"? It would have to be the most amazing information in the internet marketing world to command such a fee as this.

    So I decided to check out some ShoeMoney reviews. Here's a tip - don't check out the reviews on the first page of Google. Keep going back and back until you find the real reviews. You will know the difference.

    Fake reviews - usually littered with affiliate links, robotically positive and no depth of analysis.

    The real reviews - for example, Save Your ShoeMoney are far more enlightening. It contains comments from people who have spent their hard earned $197 per month to find out that ShoeMoney is more than a little disappointing.

    And what do you get for your money? Apparently one of the videos centers around how to... wait for it... set up a ClickBank account. This is something I worked out in about 5 minutes. By the way, if you haven't got a ClickBank account and you are interested in affiliate marketing, it's a good place to start, but most people already know this.

    To think I was actually considering buying this for a second. For someone like myself who has been in the internet marketing game for a few years now, learning how to set up a ClickBank account or a Google account is.. well it's just basic.

    If you don't know how to set up a ClickBank account or a Google account, the sites will usually guide you through the process. You don't really need a video to tell you these things.

    Another realisation that came to me as I was reading these reviews was something so obvious that it's a bit silly, really.

    If Jeremy Schoemaker really is at the pinnacle of internet marketing success, that's fantastic for him. I have no doubt that he is making huge profits and doing very nicely, thank you.

    Ok, hypothetical here. If you are the world's most sucessful internet marketer and you know EXACTLY how to do it, and you realise that pretty much every other newbie wants to find out the secret, what would you do?

    Option #1:
    Freely give away this secret to everyone who asks, generously donating your time, effort and eventually diluting your incredibly exclusive corner of the market.

    Option #2:
    Charge a moderate fee (say $65 flat rate) and tell everyone EXACTLY how you made your money. Make a tidy profit but then see your own internet marketing profits go down as more and more people use YOUR methods to outsell YOU.

    Option #3:
    Realise that each of these newbies is willing to pay around $197 per month (after months of surveys and market research) and charge this fee. Then tell them stuff they already know, do a couple of pretty videos and rake in a big fat load of cash.


    Warren Contreras said...

    I did the same thing with Wealthy Affiliate, but it was only $39 a month. Same crappy feeling when you discover the owners are milking you.

    Darren Held said...

    @Warren - I wonder how many others have joined and got the same feeling they are being had. Sometimes it's better to just learn what you can and find your own way.