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  • 13 April, 2010

    Easy Hits 4 U Review and Bonus

    EasyHits4U is a 1:1 ratio traffic site.  What this means is that for every site you surf, somebody surfs your site and you receive another visitor or potential customer.  

    You can add up to 15 sites, blogs or links, including your own referral links for affiliate programs.

    Easy Hits 4 U are offering a Signup Bonus for new members to win credits and prizes. With 210,000 members, you get traffic targeted to your region, and special prizes for signing up and surfing for traffic. You can even get paid for your referrals making it one of the most effective 1:1 traffic exchanges around.  You can move credits between sites, pause and resume traffic to sites and choose which days of the week to promote your site.  

    Your stats page will clearly show you how many hits you receive on each day.  Quite simply, the more you surf, the more visits you receive.  EasyHits4U is a well kept secret that will continue to earn traffic for your blog or site for a minimum amount of effort. 

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