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  • 10 August, 2010

    Buying "Make Money" Training Programs - 5 Reasons Not To Buy

    Note these red flags when you are next purchasing any of the myriad of "Make Money Online" programs.

    Before you buy ANYTHING, do the cool off thing. Print out the sales page that got you so excited and take it with you to read when you have a spare minute. This will stop you pressing the "BUY NOW" button without finding out how the program will actually benefit you in your current situation.

    5 Reasons Not To Buy

    1. Relevance

    If you are an ebay seller and don't have any use for getting yourself 50 squeeze page templates, don't buy "Super Exclusive Squeeze Page Template Secrets" (I made the title up, so don't go looking for this one, unless you want to use it - go ahead, be my guest). Make sure you purchase within your field, unless you have the time and energy to branch out into another area.

    2. Knowledge level

    If you are a newbie and you buy a $1500 program designed for super-affiliates, it may be difficult to catch up to the level of other course participants. This being said, I do not want to discourage anyone from studying and learning a topic of interest but if you are not willing to do some serious work, you may not get as much out of this kind of course as say, a course especially designed for newbies.

    3. Lazy "Push-Button" Seekers

    I'm sure we have all been guilty of this at some point - we want the "easy, get rich quick, make money while you sleep and don't do anything but press a button" program. I hate to disappoint but such a program does not exist. All money making methods take time. If you are wanting an easy way of making money without doing anything, you might be searching for a long time.

    4. Mistakes In Graphics

    This may sound pedantic but seriously, could you trust this?  (found on an actual "make money online site")
    I suppose they are being honest, at least.

    5.  Spelling Errors and Blank Name Fields

    Sample email similar to those I have received in my own inbox:

    Hey [First Name],

    Are you still interested in this make money online product?  I'm telling you [First Name]...

    Have I lost you yet?  I thought so.  This is a note to affiliate marketers as much as the receivers of these emails.  Please check your fields before sending.

    As for the receivers of these cut-paste emails, it just screams "unprofessional".  If you can't check a name field, who is to say your program is any good?  You may lose hundreds of potential buyers immediately.

    No matter the program, don't automatically believe the hype.  A banner may show in larger than life lettering:

    How I went from making $1.50 to $1,400 PER DAY!  You can do it just as easily using my proven, easy to use system!

    But the small print may read:  Results may vary.  You may make no money at all with this system. All results depend on the knowledge, effort and experience of the individual.

    A banner may display increasing urgency:

    Only 25 Copies Left!
    When these copies are gone, there will be no more releases!  You will miss out if you wait!

    Perhaps there are 25 copies left.  There is a fair chance that there is an unlimited number of copies left but the product just happens to sell better using the words "only 25 copies left".  Regardless, if you have not researched the product, do not buy out of desperation because you think you will miss out.

    This being said, if your money-making program of interest still stands up after these trials, do the right thing and visit the Warrior Forum. You can talk to other people who have bought the program, share ideas and find out which programs to buy and which to avoid.  This will save you time, money and effort in the long run.

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