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  • 15 August, 2010

    What Is The Best Ping Service?

    What is Pinging?
    When you ping your blog, it sends out a notification to various servers and search engines. 

    Why Ping?
    You Ping to let these services know that you have updated your blog with a new post.

    When Not To Ping?
    Do not repeatedly ping the same services.  You can get banned and pinging the same content doesn't help anybody.  Only ping sparingly and only when there is new content on your blog.

    What is the Best Ping Service?
    For Blogger:  Ping services for you to test with your blogs:

    A good strategy is to use a particular ping service for a week or two, then switch to another to test a new service.  Check your stats to see which is bringing you the most useful traffic.  Find the ping service that is right for you, write good content and ping regularly.

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