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  • 12 December, 2011

    5 Wacky Ways To Make Money This Christmas

    Ho ho ho!!  It's the crazy season (it's more extreme than the silly season), where people are losing their minds.  As if Black Friday isn't enough, we now find ourselves squeezed by the milk of human kindness masquerading as FOBLG.  That is, Fear Of Being Less Generous.  Yes, I just made that up, feel free to use it (copyright 2011, link back required, all rights reserved).  Hehehe. 

    1.  FOBLG
    So what does this Fear Of Being Less Generous mean to affiliate marketers?  It means people will be buying like a charging bull with red price scanners for eyes, zoning in on the one thing, that one thing that will finally make them better in the eyes of their wife, husband, mother in law, children etc...  You don't want to be the guy/girl who doesn't tip enough, doesn't give the right gift basket, doesn't make the grade.

    This, dear marketers, is not the way we want the world to be.  But the pressure will not go away just because a few of us say "hey guys, this is all a bit much!"  So, in the meantime, make hay while the insane gleam of credit cards shine.  It's pretty basic and definitely not rocket science - do a post including the words "Christmas" or "Christmas 2011", like I have just done.  Post about Christmas gift ideas, and most of all, make it easy, convenient and FAST for them to buy and get their goods delivered so everyone's happy.

    2.  Ho Ho Ho
    We may be forgetting the guy in red here!  So much focus is gathered around presents, shopping and gift wrapping that we failed to notice that some guy needs to get a Santa suit and dress up for the day.  In fact, in a country the size of the US, that's a hellava lotta guys!  (Excuse the unintentional biblical reference there!)
    So what are you waiting for?  Got a Halloween blog?  A costume site?  A shopping site?  Get those Santa costume links up STAT!!
    3.  Deck The Halls
    And it's not just costumes, people need to decorate, and fast - get links to wreaths, mistletoe sprigs, baubles, Christmas tree stars and nativity scenes.  Give ideas for decorating and show some photos to make it interesting.

    4.  Recipes
    Write your own Christmas recipes - tarts, puddings, cakes and cookies are a great place to start.  Amazon has some great links for cookbooks and the like so get posting!

    5. Personalize
    Gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for baby, for kids, even pets!  Get a target group and go for it!  If you run a Mommy blog, you could focus on gifts for baby, or gifts for dads.  If you run a pet blog, focus on stocking stuffers for pets, treats, toys and the like. 

    6.  Advertise
    Log in to your favorite advertising gang (I use 7Search) and start a Christmas campaign.  You could do "Christmas gifts for him" or "Christmas gifts free shipping", try to think of the keywords and phrases people use when they are in a hurry and just about to buy.  For example, would you rather advertise on "how to save on Christmas gifts" or "best deals ship for Christmas"?  One person is looking for advice, the other is looking for a shopping portal, credit card in hand.  You get the idea.

    If you get stuck, start typing in Google (or your preferred search engine!) as if you are a Christmas shopper with mere days left to Christmas and no gifts in the bag.  You will get a better idea of this if you put yourself in their position. Good luck, and Peace to all....

    P.S.  Get $50 matched dollar for dollar in free advertising with 7Search:

    When prompted, use their special code:  HOLIDAYCHEER  (For new and existing advertisers)

    7Search will match you dollar for dollar, so if you deposit $50, 7Search will credit you $50. 

    20 September, 2011

    5 rules for creating a successful social network

    The recent June 2011 launches of Google +1 as an invite-only network have been scrapped and Google +1 has officially opened its doors to the world. This is likely to be the most effective way of getting as many people as humanly possible joining up to the network. Learning from the mistakes of other social networking sites, Google + 1 has overcome the important hurdle of a new social network - access. Bloggers, people, casual social network users all share a common need - a social network that is not too complicated to use or access. We can break it down into the 5 essential rules I have learned in creating a successful social network. These rules have come about through using social networks as a blogger, a marketer and a "normal" person:

    1. Access.
    If your social network requires a new user to jump through too many bureaucratic hoops to join up, they simply won't join up. Game over.

    2. Flexibility. 
    If your social network has complicated, rigid rules for how the network must be used, it will frustrate new users and they will go somewhere else. Game over.

    3. Privacy. 
    This is Facebook's main sticking point. Many are aware that Facebook can use members' information for pretty much whatever they deem appropriate. This is why many are leaving Facebook in droves. A social network should not invade a users privacy or try to "profile" users. It is not a social network's right to "own" people's personal information. If Facebook is to fail over the next 5 years, this may well be the reason.

    4. Ease of Use. 
    Twitter has this part down to a fine art. Make your social network easy to use, fun and interactive. If you build it, they will come.

    5. Involving Lawyers and Government. 
    This is the death knell for any social network, no matter how big. There is some talk of Facebook enacting laws that will prosecute affiliates for sending out any type of "commercial" messages - you would need to read the Facebook Terms of Service to fully understand this issue, and to read the TOS, you may need to set aside a half-day. If any website owner, affiliate, blogger or user is confronted with the words "prosecute", "violate" or "illegal" in relation to their daily activities, they will close their accounts, just to be sure. If Facebook moves in this direction, it will be game over for all but the most dedicated Facebook die hards.

    Should Google + 1 learn from the mistakes of other failed (and successful) social networks, it may well become a contender. If Google keeps it simple and doesn't try to play Big Brother on its users, the road looks sunny ahead for Google as a versatile and dynamic brand.

    31 August, 2011

    Why Your Posts Need The Google +1 Button

    There was much speculation when the Google +1 button came out.  Was it a direct competitor to the Facebook "Like" button?  Was it a replacement for the Page Rank system?  It seems there is still much talk and confusion regarding this curious new device.  Some early callers predicted the fall of the Google +1 button before it had even begun to take off.  Such is the world of cut-throat "make it or break it" launches.

    What many have failed to realize is that Google is no newcomer to the world of internet domination.  What may have seemed like a flippant gamble at the time may turn out to be a benchmark for content throughout the web.

    Think about it, Google is...  Google.  It then stands to reason that if you become popular through the +1 system, your content will be regarded highly in terms of quality.  It also stands to reason that this stamp of approval will translate into better rankings in Google, equating to something approximating the Holy Grail of ranking achievements.

    So how can you benefit from this new button?  It's pretty obvious - add the button to your posts and write quality content.  The rest should take care of itself.  There will be people who will try to "game" the system but no doubt Google has worked out an algorithm to weed out the quality from the vast quantity of "splogs" and mindless content clogging up the search engines.  The better your content, the more popular your posts and the better your rankings will become over time.     

    What some people may not know is that Google + is also a social network.  It's a little bit like the Freemasons or a Country Club, you need to get an invite by a member to join.  The invite system reached its limit very quickly and Google had to shut down invites for a time.

    If you can't find an invite, you can buy them already on eBay:

    Google +1 Invite
    It will be interesting to see how Google +1 develops over time.   Perhaps Google +1 is not a competitor to Facebook or Twitter, perhaps it is just another way to connect with friends, family and business associates.  Perhaps it will carve out a niche in the growing world of social networking.  Facebook for family and friends, Myspace for music, LinkedIn for business networking, Twitter for random thoughts and Google +1...  Well, we'll have to wait and see.

    14 March, 2011

    Why Adding A Facebook "Like" Button Can Supercharge Your Blog Traffic

    Facebook like buttons are popping up everywhere and its easy to see why.  TV ads incorporate Facebook like pages and brands are scrambling to boost their popularity by tapping into the power of Facebook. 

    Why is this happening?  Surely Facebook can't be all that special, right?


    A small test I performed in the past month confirmed the power of Facebook.  I added a simple "Like" button code to one my blogs.  I forgot about it for a time and then one day I checked my stats to find that I had received 4,063 visitors within the space of one day.  The referring site?  Facebook.

    This is the sort of traffic increase you can't ignore.

    So what does this mean?  Well, if you are running Adsense or equivalent ads, your account might bring you a nice surprise:

    Remember, this is only revenue for day 1.  The traffic spike is continuing and it follows that the earnings will continue to rise.

    If you don't have a Facebook "Like" button on your blog, do it now.

    This is what your code for Blogger will look like (make sure you expand widget templates):

    You can get the Facebook "Like" button for blogger on this site.

    If you are on Wordpress, get the Facebook "Like button for WP on this site.

    If you are really serious about making money on Facebook, Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker have put together this free trial for you to test and enjoy.  All you need is a free Facebook account to get started:  

    Check out the free video here:  Facebook Hyper Traffic

    Facebook Hyper Traffic
    02 February, 2011

    5 Good Reasons Why Coupons Will Make You Money

    The idea of promoting coupons is not a new one, however it is an idea that makes perfect sense.  Think about it - what is your biggest problem when it comes to making affiliate sales?

    If you answered "convincing my visitors to buy now", you are not alone.

    Let's look at the advantages of coupons:

    1.  The visitor will save money if they use your coupon, creating an incentive to buy due to perceived benefit.

    2.  Coupons can often be created as unique to your affiliate account.  This means that anyone trying to steal your commission (and believe me, it happens!) will not be able to change the code, thus protecting your earnings.

    3.  Coupons are often time sensitive.  Your visitors will be more likely to buy something if the offer is likely to expire.  (People don't like to miss out!)

    4.  Coupons are fun and easy to use.  People love to share coupons with their friends and family.  Coupons sell themselves on social media and you will find a lot of Twitter users will retweet your coupons instantly.

    5.  A buyer will often look for a coupon just before making a purchase.  If your site ranks for your keywords, your visitors will not only come looking for coupons, they will also arrive "ready to buy".

    So to recap, a coupon site

    Here's how to get started:

    Internet marketers are now making waves in the coupon market. You can find out how to make consistent earnings from giving away coupons and make $100,000.00 from coupons alone.


    Don't forget to check out the free training video I am giving you. The Video will get you started on how to make money with simple coupons that people use every single day.