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  • 02 February, 2011

    5 Good Reasons Why Coupons Will Make You Money

    The idea of promoting coupons is not a new one, however it is an idea that makes perfect sense.  Think about it - what is your biggest problem when it comes to making affiliate sales?

    If you answered "convincing my visitors to buy now", you are not alone.

    Let's look at the advantages of coupons:

    1.  The visitor will save money if they use your coupon, creating an incentive to buy due to perceived benefit.

    2.  Coupons can often be created as unique to your affiliate account.  This means that anyone trying to steal your commission (and believe me, it happens!) will not be able to change the code, thus protecting your earnings.

    3.  Coupons are often time sensitive.  Your visitors will be more likely to buy something if the offer is likely to expire.  (People don't like to miss out!)

    4.  Coupons are fun and easy to use.  People love to share coupons with their friends and family.  Coupons sell themselves on social media and you will find a lot of Twitter users will retweet your coupons instantly.

    5.  A buyer will often look for a coupon just before making a purchase.  If your site ranks for your keywords, your visitors will not only come looking for coupons, they will also arrive "ready to buy".

    So to recap, a coupon site

    Here's how to get started:

    Internet marketers are now making waves in the coupon market. You can find out how to make consistent earnings from giving away coupons and make $100,000.00 from coupons alone.


    Don't forget to check out the free training video I am giving you. The Video will get you started on how to make money with simple coupons that people use every single day.

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