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  • 14 March, 2011

    Why Adding A Facebook "Like" Button Can Supercharge Your Blog Traffic

    Facebook like buttons are popping up everywhere and its easy to see why.  TV ads incorporate Facebook like pages and brands are scrambling to boost their popularity by tapping into the power of Facebook. 

    Why is this happening?  Surely Facebook can't be all that special, right?


    A small test I performed in the past month confirmed the power of Facebook.  I added a simple "Like" button code to one my blogs.  I forgot about it for a time and then one day I checked my stats to find that I had received 4,063 visitors within the space of one day.  The referring site?  Facebook.

    This is the sort of traffic increase you can't ignore.

    So what does this mean?  Well, if you are running Adsense or equivalent ads, your account might bring you a nice surprise:

    Remember, this is only revenue for day 1.  The traffic spike is continuing and it follows that the earnings will continue to rise.

    If you don't have a Facebook "Like" button on your blog, do it now.

    This is what your code for Blogger will look like (make sure you expand widget templates):

    You can get the Facebook "Like" button for blogger on this site.

    If you are on Wordpress, get the Facebook "Like button for WP on this site.

    If you are really serious about making money on Facebook, Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker have put together this free trial for you to test and enjoy.  All you need is a free Facebook account to get started:  

    Check out the free video here:  Facebook Hyper Traffic

    Facebook Hyper Traffic