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  • 31 August, 2011

    Why Your Posts Need The Google +1 Button

    There was much speculation when the Google +1 button came out.  Was it a direct competitor to the Facebook "Like" button?  Was it a replacement for the Page Rank system?  It seems there is still much talk and confusion regarding this curious new device.  Some early callers predicted the fall of the Google +1 button before it had even begun to take off.  Such is the world of cut-throat "make it or break it" launches.

    What many have failed to realize is that Google is no newcomer to the world of internet domination.  What may have seemed like a flippant gamble at the time may turn out to be a benchmark for content throughout the web.

    Think about it, Google is...  Google.  It then stands to reason that if you become popular through the +1 system, your content will be regarded highly in terms of quality.  It also stands to reason that this stamp of approval will translate into better rankings in Google, equating to something approximating the Holy Grail of ranking achievements.

    So how can you benefit from this new button?  It's pretty obvious - add the button to your posts and write quality content.  The rest should take care of itself.  There will be people who will try to "game" the system but no doubt Google has worked out an algorithm to weed out the quality from the vast quantity of "splogs" and mindless content clogging up the search engines.  The better your content, the more popular your posts and the better your rankings will become over time.     

    What some people may not know is that Google + is also a social network.  It's a little bit like the Freemasons or a Country Club, you need to get an invite by a member to join.  The invite system reached its limit very quickly and Google had to shut down invites for a time.

    If you can't find an invite, you can buy them already on eBay:

    Google +1 Invite
    It will be interesting to see how Google +1 develops over time.   Perhaps Google +1 is not a competitor to Facebook or Twitter, perhaps it is just another way to connect with friends, family and business associates.  Perhaps it will carve out a niche in the growing world of social networking.  Facebook for family and friends, Myspace for music, LinkedIn for business networking, Twitter for random thoughts and Google +1...  Well, we'll have to wait and see.