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  • 12 December, 2011

    5 Wacky Ways To Make Money This Christmas

    Ho ho ho!!  It's the crazy season (it's more extreme than the silly season), where people are losing their minds.  As if Black Friday isn't enough, we now find ourselves squeezed by the milk of human kindness masquerading as FOBLG.  That is, Fear Of Being Less Generous.  Yes, I just made that up, feel free to use it (copyright 2011, link back required, all rights reserved).  Hehehe. 

    1.  FOBLG
    So what does this Fear Of Being Less Generous mean to affiliate marketers?  It means people will be buying like a charging bull with red price scanners for eyes, zoning in on the one thing, that one thing that will finally make them better in the eyes of their wife, husband, mother in law, children etc...  You don't want to be the guy/girl who doesn't tip enough, doesn't give the right gift basket, doesn't make the grade.

    This, dear marketers, is not the way we want the world to be.  But the pressure will not go away just because a few of us say "hey guys, this is all a bit much!"  So, in the meantime, make hay while the insane gleam of credit cards shine.  It's pretty basic and definitely not rocket science - do a post including the words "Christmas" or "Christmas 2011", like I have just done.  Post about Christmas gift ideas, and most of all, make it easy, convenient and FAST for them to buy and get their goods delivered so everyone's happy.

    2.  Ho Ho Ho
    We may be forgetting the guy in red here!  So much focus is gathered around presents, shopping and gift wrapping that we failed to notice that some guy needs to get a Santa suit and dress up for the day.  In fact, in a country the size of the US, that's a hellava lotta guys!  (Excuse the unintentional biblical reference there!)
    So what are you waiting for?  Got a Halloween blog?  A costume site?  A shopping site?  Get those Santa costume links up STAT!!
    3.  Deck The Halls
    And it's not just costumes, people need to decorate, and fast - get links to wreaths, mistletoe sprigs, baubles, Christmas tree stars and nativity scenes.  Give ideas for decorating and show some photos to make it interesting.

    4.  Recipes
    Write your own Christmas recipes - tarts, puddings, cakes and cookies are a great place to start.  Amazon has some great links for cookbooks and the like so get posting!

    5. Personalize
    Gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for baby, for kids, even pets!  Get a target group and go for it!  If you run a Mommy blog, you could focus on gifts for baby, or gifts for dads.  If you run a pet blog, focus on stocking stuffers for pets, treats, toys and the like. 

    6.  Advertise
    Log in to your favorite advertising gang (I use 7Search) and start a Christmas campaign.  You could do "Christmas gifts for him" or "Christmas gifts free shipping", try to think of the keywords and phrases people use when they are in a hurry and just about to buy.  For example, would you rather advertise on "how to save on Christmas gifts" or "best deals ship for Christmas"?  One person is looking for advice, the other is looking for a shopping portal, credit card in hand.  You get the idea.

    If you get stuck, start typing in Google (or your preferred search engine!) as if you are a Christmas shopper with mere days left to Christmas and no gifts in the bag.  You will get a better idea of this if you put yourself in their position. Good luck, and Peace to all....

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